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Super Biz

A suite of tools for game devs and brands in Roblox, including an analytics platform, data store editor, catalog, brand collab, and more. Super Biz is used by more than 1,500 devs.

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Founded Bloxbiz with the mission to improve economics for game developers. Bloxbiz launched the first in-game ad platform in Roblox and was later acquired.

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Meta Ads Reporting

Ads Reporting is a powerful and customizable reporting tool that helps businesses analyze, optimize, and report on their ad performance. I led design on the team.

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Bread Merchant Portal

A portal for e-commerce merchants to manage their orders, customers, analytics, and more.

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Passenger App

Co-founded Passenger with my brother to improve the commuting experience by making the easiest to use train schedule that solves commuter pain points and provides daily delight.

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Startup Shell Web

The Startup Shell website is designed to encourage student entrepreneurs to get involved with the community as well as be a source of information for potential partners, advisors, and contributors.

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An Intro to Machine Learning for Designers

Designers today have the opportunity to think about how machine learning can be applied to improve their products.

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Startup Shell Slide Deck

Startup Shell is a non-profit, student-run incubator and coworking space for student-run startups. The slide deck is distributed to potential contributors, partners, and mentors/advisors.

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Flipboard Highlights

The Flipboard highlights concept allows you to seamlessly save highlights of articles to add to your magazines, share with your friends, and expand your collection of knowledge.

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Slide Nearby

Slide is a mobile gift card wallet that allows you to use your gift cards on the go while leaving your physical gift cards at home. The nearby feature shows you nearby places where you can spend your gift cards.

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Designing Your Own Major at the University of Maryland

"I wanted to wake up everyday and look forward to class instead of counting down the minutes until they ended..."

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ARTT210 Selected Works

Various representational and abstract works from ARTT210: Drawing 2 done in charcoal and graphite.

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