Hi, I'm Sam Drozdov.

I'm currently the VP of Metaverse Products at Super League Gaming. I oversee Bloxbiz, Minehut, and other products that empower creators and brands building in Roblox, Minecraft, and other gaming platforms.

Previously, I was a product designer at Facebook designing analytic and reporting tools that help businesses and advertisers improve their return on investment of money and time.

I'm passionate about the intersection of design, technology, and business. It is here where we can solve problems with sustainable products. That's why I attended the University of Maryland where I studied Product Design & Software Innovation ― a major that I designed to combine design thinking, computer science, and business.

Before Facebook, I worked at a handful of startups. I was a product designer at Bread ― a fintech startup changing consumer financing. I was a director at Startup Shell ― a student-run incubator for student-run startups at UMD. I worked on Passenger, a company I cofounded with my brother to improve the commuting experience. I worked at Slide as a design and front-end engineer primarily doing iOS development. I also was a founding student of Make School where I learned iOS and web development and helped shape a project-based learning experience for future students.

Let's chat ― samuel.drozdov@gmail.com.



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