Summer 2015

Slide Nearby




During the summer of 2015, I got to work with Slide as a front end and design intern. Slide is a mobile gift card wallet that makes it easy to bring your gift cards with you without the hassle of holding onto the physical cards. I got to help with the design of various parts of the Slide iOS app, but my major responsibility was developing the nearby feature. Nearby allows you to view nearby places where you can spend the gift cards in your Slide wallet.

Other Projects

Bread Merchant Portal

A portal for e-commerce merchants to manage their orders, customers, analytics, and more.

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Passenger App

Co-founded Passenger with my brother to improve the commuting experience by making the easiest to use train schedule that solves commuter pain points and provides daily delight.

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Startup Shell Web

The Startup Shell website is designed to encourage student entrepreneurs to get involved with the community as well as be a source of information for potential partners, advisors, and contributors.

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